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Risk Management

Key Functionalities

  • Efficient and structured currency allocation per client or group of client: simple choice between no hedging, full/partial hedging, dynamic hedging using internal quantitative team and dynamic hedging using leading external quantitative team.
  • RM can use either the standard CIO approach (SAA) or fine-tune the currency allocation with client specific settings (client specific SAA) and generate additional performance using internal or external trading models (internal or external TAA) to manage FX.
  • The client advisor can give clients a choice which is easy to implement (Possibility to hedge FX Risk – statically or dynamically).
  • Dynamic hedging solutions generate ongoing trading revenues with one client decision or possibility to apply at as an advisory tool (RM has the final say, whether this hedging signal will be executed or not).
  • Educational tab embedded to make sure that all parties understand the risk/reward of the solution and agree on this.