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Assets and Market Data

Key Functionalities

  • Multi-networks, including SWIFT (Fin, InterAct, FileAct), EBICS, SIC, SECOM, SARIE, FIX (post trade), fax, secure email, Telex, MQ, and others, providing a single window for both international and domestic accesses and payments.
  • All MT and ISO20022 formats (SIC4, SEPA, Funds, etc.), including meta-data and proprietary XML, to ease integration with existing systems and to access a wide range of market infrastructures.
  • Full message and file management (entry, validation, multiple verifications stages, search, audit trail, etc.) for total business control.
  • Graphical routing and workflow with exit points to easily define multi-level validation, best cost routing to incorporate third party software in the global flows.
  • Highly scalable: from low volume requirements to 3.65 million messages an hour to cover all types of environments from Tiers 1 banks to small organisations either locally deployed or via the Bureau Service.


Bottomline Technologies