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AML and Compliance Platform

Legal and Compliance

Key Functionalities

  • kdlink & kdlink plus: Manual, web based name checker with graphical relationship- and risk network, fuzzy logic, processing of excel lists
  • kdmatch: Automated name checker, soft-white-listing, fuzzy logic. Highest matching quality because of sophisticated and powerful matching procedures.
  • kdresearch™: Analytical engine to detect unusual, potentially suspicious activities. Best results with powerful and flexible rules engine together with the integrated compliance repository.
  • kdresearch enterprise™: Fraud Repository and extended workflow-, task and case-management-system and extended rule engine. Preconfigured web-services.
  • kdmonitor™: Automatic detection and interruption of suspicious transactions (e.g. SWIFT, SEPA, SIC etc.) and messages in real-time. web service available, e.g. for account opening