Join the Software Exchange

Presenting the Avaloq Software Exchange, a platform for software developers to share innovations with the Avaloq Community. 


Whether you are a developer with a new application you would like to offer to the community, or a customer looking for a new solution, you'll find what you need to get started here.

As a Customer

You can benefit from the developer ecosystem that is growing around the Avaloq Developer Portal. By agreeing on standards within the Avaloq community, we can enable you to collaborate with independent parties in a efficient way. This will speed up innovation and make it more affordable for everyone.


You can browse through our list of offerings. These are applicable on the Avaloq Banking Portal, Core Platform or Front Platform.

As a Software Provider

You can use the platform to get your products out into the community. 


The Avaloq Software Exchange is a Business to Business distribution platform for you, as a Software Provider, to offer software or SaaS to the entire Avaloq Community.


We can put you directly in touch with banks that use the Avaloq Banking Suite, either on-premise or as a service, so that you can offer your innovative new products.